15.4" New HP Compaq NX7000 NX9100 Series LCD Inverter


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15.4" New HP Compaq NX7000 NX9100 Series LCD Inverter

15.4" New HP Compaq NX7000 NX9100 Series LCD Inverter

Acer/Factory Part Number:E198444, PK070005U00, 19.ABHV5.002,19ABHV5002
HP Part Number:383669-001,DAC-09B017 2994738200 PK070018110 PK070015500 DAC-07B035 2994720400YNV-C02 PK070018510 PK070005U00 PWB IV13154T/B2 IV13154/T T51I056.03 DAC-07B035 407800-001 PK07005U00 354873-001407800-001 PK070005W00 383669-001 PK07001812 IV13154 PK070015110 PK079918110 DAC-C9D017

The new LCD inverter board fits HP/Compaq X1000, R3000,R4000,ZV5000,ZV6000 series and Acer Aspire 2000, 3100, 5100 Series 15.4" LCD laptops. Please make sure whether your model is in the compatible list below before your bidding.


  • Fits 15.4" widescreen LCD displays only ( not for 15" LCD )
  • Fix your laptop LCD backlight
  • Compatible with Part Number(P/N):
    2994720400, 2994738200, 336994-001, 354872-001, 354873-001, 383669-001
    407800-001, 6001709L-E, DAC-07B035, DAC-09B017, bDAC-C9D017, IV13154
    IV13154/T, IV13154/T-LF, PK070005U00, PK070005W00, PK070006E00, PK070006R00
    PK070015100, PK070015500, PK070017120, PK070018110, PK070018120
    PK070018510, PK079918110, PWB-IV13154T/B2, PWB-IV13154TA, T51I056.03, YNV-C02
  • Warranty: 3 Months

Compatible Model :

  • Compaq Presario X1000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario X1200 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario X1300 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario X1400 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R3000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R3100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R3200 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R3300 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R3400 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R4000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario R4100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario V5000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Compaq Presario V5100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Compaq Business Notebook Series (15.4" LCD): NX7000, nx7010, NX9100
  • HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZT3100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZT3200 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZT3300 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZT3400 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV5100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV5200 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV5300 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV5400 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV5500 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZV6000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZX5000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZX5100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZX5200 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion ZX5300 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion DV5000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • HP Pavilion DV5100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Acer Aspire 2000 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Acer Aspire 2010 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Acer Aspire 2020 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Acer Aspire 3100 Series (15.4" LCD)
  • Acer Aspire 5100 Series (15.4" LCD)

More info:

The inverter is for 15.4" LCD

Acer Aspire 1672WLMI Series 2000 Series

Compaq Presario C300 C500 Series
Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 R4100 Series
Compaq Presario V5000 V5100 V5200 Series
Compaq Presario X1000 Series:
X1001US X1002US X1010CA X1010US X1012QV X1015US X1018CL X1020US
X1022 X1028CL X1030US X1040US X1050CA X1050US X1058CL x1097AP
X1099AP. X1155EA. X1200 series such as X1200 X1201US X1210CA
X1210US X1220US X1230US X1242AP. X1300 series such as X1300 X1301US
X1360CL X1360US X1370US X1390US X1390XX X1390US

Compaq Presario X1400 series:
X1400 X1400AD X1435AP X1436AP X1437AP X1438AP X1439AP X1440AP
X1441AP X1442AP X1443AP X1444AP X1445AP X1460CA X1460US X1480US

HP Pavilion DV5000 Series DV5100 Series DV 5200 Series

HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series: ZT3020US ZT3068CL ZT3001US ZT3010US.
zt3100 Series such as ZT3101US ZT3140US ZT3170US. zt3200 Series
such as ZT3200 ZT3201US zt3201AP ZT3250US ZT3250XX ZT3280US. zt3300
Series such as ZT3300 ZT3302US ZT3340US ZT3349CL ZT3350US ZT3355US
ZT3380US and zt3400 Series

HP Pavilion ZV5000 Series: zv5000t zv5000z zv5045EA ZV5100 zv5103AP
zv5103XX zv5126EA zv5141EA zv5161EA zv5173EA zv5185EA zv5191EA
ZV5200 zv5200T zv5201xx zv5203EA zv5205EA zv5210EA zv5217EA
zv5220CA zv5224EA zv5231EA zv5238EA zv5240CA zv5240EA zv5240US
zv5242QV zv5245EA zv5255US zv5257LA zv5265EA zv5267LA zv5268EA
zv5270US zv5272EA zv5280EA zv5290EA ZV5300 zv5310EA zv5320CA
zv5331EA zv5348RS zv5386US ZV5400 Zv5000

HP Pavilion ZV6000 Series ZV6100 Series ZV6200 Series

HP Compaq NX7000 NX9100 Series

Note:The inverter only fit a 15.4" LCD laptop listed above.

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