Acer Aspire 4320 4520 4520G LCD video cable DD0Z01LC000

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Acer Aspire 4320 4520 4520G LCD video cable DD0Z01LC000

Item Description:
  • LCD video cable for use 14.1" WXGA LCD Panel, with webcam
    Original and Brand New
  • ★ Compatible Numbers:
  • TG Stock# LC.AR.101
  • Compatible Models:
    Aspire 4320 Series (Model Z01)
    4320-050508CI (LX.AKH0R.010)
    4320-050508Mi (LX.AKH0R.002)
    4320-100508MI (LX.AKJ0Y.024)
    4320-100512Mi (LX.AKJ0C.010)
    4320-101G12 (LX.AKJ0X.035)
    4320-2043 (LX.AKH0R.018)
    4320-2252 (LX.AKJ0C.001, LX.AKJ0C.020, LX.AKJ0C.029)
    4320-2263 (LX.AKJ0C.021)
    4320-2266 (LX.AKJ0Y.012)
    4320-2455 (LX.AKH0Y.032)
    4320-2526 (LX.AKJ0C.026)
    4320-2830 (LX.AKJ0Y.015)
    Aspire 4520 Series
    Aspire 4520G Series
    Aspire 4720 Series (Model Z01)
    4720-1A0508Mi (LX.AMP0C.035)
    4720-1A1G12Mi (LX.AMN0X.037)
    4720-1A1G16 (LX.AJL0X.018)
    4720-1A2G16Mi (LX.AMP0X.013)
    4720-301G16Mi (LX.AJL0X.014)
    4720-301G16Mn (LX.AMP0X.015)
    4720-3A1G16Mi (LX.AMP0X.002)
    4720-6527 (LX.AMP0X.048)
    4720-6748 (LX.AMP0X.205)
    4720-6908 (LX.AMP0X.011)
    4720NWXMi (LX.AMP0C.033, LX.AMP0C.034, LX.AMP0Y.023)
    4720WXMi (LX.AMP0Y.026)
    Aspire 4720G Series (Model Z01)
    4720G-1A1G16 (LX.AK90X.029)
    4720G-301G25Mn (LX.AMR0C.008)
    4720G-3A1G08Mi (LX.AMQ0Y.003)
    4720G-3A1G16Mn (LX.AMR0C.003, LX.AMR0X.002, LX.AMR0X.003)
    Aspire 4720Z Series (Model Z01)
    4720-4178 (LX.AL80X.093)
    4720-4199 (LX.AL80X.087)
    4720-4230 (LX.AL80X.110)
    4720-4474 (LX.AL80C.002)
    4720-4519 (LX.AMT0X.066)
    4720-4538 (LX.AL70X.043)
    4720-4597 (LX.AMT0X.080)
    4720-4839 (LX.AMT0X.101)
    4720-4869 (LX.AL80C.056)
    4720-XXXX (LX.AL80C.037)
    4720Z-1508Mi (LX.AL70Y.056)
    4720Z-1A1G08Mi (LX.AL70Y.081, LX.AL70Y.104)
    4720Z-1A1G12Mi (LX.AL70X.002)
    4720Z-1A1G16MI (LX.AMT0X.010)
    4720Z-1A1G16Mi (LX.AMT0X.007)
    4720Z-2A0508Mi (LX.AL80C.013)
    4720Z-2A1G12Mi (LX.AMT0Y.011)
    4720Z-2A1G16Mi (LX.AL80C.005)
    4720Z-2A2G16Mi (LX.AL80X.048, LX.AL80X.063)
    4720Z-3A1G12Mi (LX.AL70Y.194, LX.AL70Y.228)
    4720Z-3A1G16Mi (LX.AL80C.021, LX.AL80X.088)
    4720Z-3A2G16Mi (LX.AL70X.049, LX.AL80X.089)
    4720Z-4023 (LX.AL80X.039)
    4720Z-4420 (LX.AMT0X.020)
    4720Z-4552 (LX.AMT0X.021)
    4720Z-4568 (LX.AMT0X.017)
    4720Z-4715 (LX.AMT0X.016)
    4720Z-4721 (LX.AMT0X.015)
    4720Z-4897 (LX.AMT0X.018)
    4720Z-4A2G16Mi (LX.AL80C.059, LX.AL80Y.040)
    4720Z-5A1G16Mi (LX.AL80C.022, LX.AL80C.048, LX.AL80C.064)
    4720ZNWXMi (LX.AL80C.007, LX.AL80C.011, LX.AL80C.023, LX.AL80C.033)
    4720ZWXMi (LX.AL80Y.019, LX.AL80Y.024)

  • You will receive:
    One LCD Cable as pictured
  • Please check pictures for more details.

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