Gateway AK.030AP.011, LC.ADT00.006 19V 1.58A replacement adapter

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Gateway AK.030AP.011, LC.ADT00.006 19V 1.58A replacement adapter

Replacement for Gateway AK.030AP.011, LC.ADT00.006 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 1.58A (30W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*1.7mm
  • Color: Black
This laptop ac adapter for
AP03003001832F, LC.ADT00.006, LCADT00.06, PA-1300-04
This laptop ac adapter work with
Aspire One D250-1148, A0D250-1905, Aspire One D250-1373, A0D250-Bp83, Aspire One D250-1584, AOA110-1948, Aspire One D250-1727, AOA110-Bw, Aspire One D250-1986, AOA150-1178, Aspire One OD250-1679, AOA150-1505, A0751h-1061, AOA150-1786, Aspire 1820PTZ-734G32N, A0751h-1378, AOA150-Bb, Aspire One 752h series, A0751h-1709, AOA150-Bw, Aspire 1810TZ-411G25n, A0751h-52Br, AOD150-1186, Aspire 1810T-353G25i, AO531h-1440, AOD150-1920, Aspire 1410-742G25N, AO751h-1170, AOD250-0BGk, AS1810TZ-4906, AO751h-1442, AOD250-1148, AS1810T-8968, AO751h-1885, AOD250-1373, AS1410-Ws22, AO751h-52Yr, AOD250-1584, AS1410-2801, Aspire One 751-Bk23F, AOD250-1724, AO752-742b, Aspire One 751h-1211, AOD250-1983, A0A110-Ac, Aspire One 751h-1522, AOD250-Bw83F, A0A110X EDITION, Aspire One 751H-1946, Aspire One A110-Ab, A0A150-1348, Aspire One P531h-1791, Aspire one A110X Black Edition, A0A150-1570, AO532h-2382, Aspire One A150-1249, A0A150-1864, AO532H-2997, Aspire One A150-1532, A0A150-BC1, Aspire One 532h-2268, Aspire One A150-1798, A0A150L weiss, Aspire One 532H-2742, Aspire One A150-Bb1, A0D150-1358, AO751h, Aspire One A150-Bw1, A0D150-1Br, Aspire One D150-1197, A0D250-0Br, Aspire One D150-1B, A0D250-1196, Aspire One D250-0BGk, A0D250-1585, A0D250-1727, Aspire One D250-1284, A0D250-1BK, Aspire One D250-1441, AOA110-1588, Aspire One D250-1638, AOA110-Ap, Aspire One D250-1842, AOA150-1049, Aspire One D250-Bk83, AOA150-1435, A0751-Bk26, AOA150-1672, Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ-734G32N, A0751h-1273, AOA150-1949, AS1820PTZ-734G32N, A0751h-1534, AOA150-BGw, Aspire 1810TZ-414G16N, A0751h-1992, AOD150-0BGK, Aspire 1810T-8488, A0P531h-1194, AOD150-1587, Aspire 1410-Bb22, AO751-Bw26, AOD150-Bkdom, Aspire 1410-2497, AO751h-1346, AOD250-1064, AS1810TZ-412G32n, AO751h-1621, AOD250-1284, AS1810T-353G32n, AO751H-52BGR, AOD250-1441, AS1410-743G16N, Aspire One 531h-0Bk, AOD250-1638, AO752h-742w, Aspire One 751h-1061, AOD250-1838, A0A110-1722, Aspire One 751h-1378, AOD250-Bb83F, A0A110-BGb, Aspire One 751h-1709, Aspire One A110-1698, A0A150-1140, Aspire One 751h-52Br, Aspire One A110-Bc, A0A150-1485, AO532h-2223, Aspire One A150-1068, A0A150-1742, AO532H-2727, Aspire One A150-1444, A0A150-Ac, AO532h-2Ds, Aspire One A150-1679, A0A150-Bp, Aspire One 532h-2588, Aspire One A150-1983, A0D150-1044, Aspire One 532h-2Db, Aspire One A150-Bk, A0D150-1736, Aspire 1810TZ, Aspire One D150-0BK, A0D150-Bwdom, Aspire One D150-1606, A0D250-1132, Aspire One D150-Br73, A0D250-1389, Aspire One D250-1064, Aspire One D250-1163, A0D250-1924, Aspire One D250-1389, A0D250-Br83F, Aspire One D250-15K, AOA110-1982, Aspire One D250-1739, AOA110L weiss, Aspire One D250-1996, AOA150-1316, A0531h-0Bk, AOA150-1553, A0751h-1145, AOA150-1813, Aspire 1420P Series, A0751h-1392, AOA150-BBDOM, Aspire One 752-742b, A0751H-1808, AOA150-BWDOM, Aspire 1810TZ-4059, A0751h-52Yb, AOD150-1240, Aspire 1810T-352G25n, AO531h-1766, AOD150-1Bb, Aspire 1410-2954, AO751h-1196, AOD250-0BGw, AS1810TZ-4174, AO751h-1505, AOD250-1163, AS1810T-8679, AO751h-1899, AOD250-1389, AS1410-Kk22, AOP531h-06Gk, AOD250-15K, AS1410-2706, Aspire One 751-Bk26F, AOD250-1738, A0A110-1283, Aspire One 751h-1273, AOD250-1990, A0A110-AGc, Aspire One 751h-1534, Aspire One A110-1041, A0A150-1006, Aspire One 751h-1992, Aspire One A110-AGb, A0A150-1382, Aspire One Pro 531h-06k, Aspire One A150, A0A150-1622, AO532h-2527, Aspire One A150-1329, A0A150-1890, AO532h-2Br, Aspire One A150-1555, A0A150-BGb, Aspire One 532H-2298, Aspire One A150-1840, A0A150X weiss, Aspire One 532h-2807, Aspire One A150-Bc, A0D150-1462, AOA110, Aspire One A150L blau, A0D150-Bb73, Aspire One D150-1322, A0D250-1014, Aspire One D150-1Bk, A0D250-1284, Aspire One D250-0BGw, A0D250-1601, Aspire One D250-1070, A0D250-1739, Aspire One D250-1289, A0D250-1Bw, Aspire One D250-1514, AOA110-1691, Aspire One D250-1694, AOA110-Bb, Aspire One D250-1920, AOA150-1083, Aspire One D250-Bp83, AOA150-1447, A0751-Bw23, AOA150-1690, Aspire 1825PTZ-413G32n, A0751h-1292, AOA150-1987, Aspire One 752h-742w, A0751H-1599, AOA150-Bk1, Aspire 1810TZ-413G32n, A0751H-52BGB, AOD150-0BR, Aspire 1810T-6188, AO531h, AOD150-1647, Aspire 1410-8837, AO751h-1021, AOD150-Brdom, Aspire 1410-2285, AO751h-1373, AOD250-1070, AS1810TZ-411G25n, AO751H-1646, AOD250-1289, AS1810T-353G25i, AO751h-52Bk, AOD250-1514, AS1410-2990, Aspire one 531H-1077, AOD250-1689, AO752h-742kg25, Aspire One 751h-1145, AOD250-1905, A0A110-1831, Aspire One 751h-1392, AOD250-Bk83F

Wholesale & retail replacement Gateway AK.030AP.011, LC.ADT00.006 30W laptop ac adapters

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  • Model: Gateway AK.030AP.011, LC.ADT00
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